Flavour. Passed on. With Chef Alida Solomon

Get inspiration as Chef Alida Solomon explores some of her favourite recipes passed down to her, and discusses the unique flavour and heritage that Hunt’s Heirloom Tomatoes bring to them.

What makes Hunt's®Heirloom Tomatoes so special?

It starts with the seeds.

For over 30 years, we've been carefully collecting our heirloom seeds, ensuring the same tomato variety harvest after harvest.

Proudly Canadian Grown.

Each year, our seedlings are grown in the same open-air fields in the prime tomato cultivating region of Chatham-Kent, Ontario.

Farm to dinner table freshness.

Our heirloom tomatoes are vine-ripened, picked at the peak of freshness, and canned in smaller, limited batches.

Bold heritage. Bolder flavour.

Rich, red and flavourful, Hunt's Heirloom Tomatoes will take your everyday dishes to a whole new level.